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All-in solutions

TechniCo provides services in the fields of installation, service & maintenance, management and advice for electrical and mechanical engineering.

We use our know-how and experience to offer you the best possible solution within the available budget whilst cleverly combining standard technology and means that have proven their worth.


Sometimes, a larger investment may prove cheaper in the long run when it comes to the use and operation of a system.

We will be happy to discuss the various options with you. 


Central heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas/water/plumbing, electrical engineering, burglar and fire alarms, camera surveillance, inspections; compliance with safe operational standards (NEN 3140), Legionella inspection & control and sewer testing, service, maintenance & management, sustainable; solar panels, heat pumps and LED.

TechniCo is a member of Delmeco Group: A group of technical companies that can join forces to serve our clients. Each with its own expertise and markets. For more information see our websites and

TechniCo Installatietechniek

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