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All-in solutions

TechniCo provides services in the fields of installation, service & maintenance, management and advice for electrical and mechanical engineering.

We use our know-how and experience to offer you the best possible solution within the available budget whilst cleverly combining standard technology and means that have proven their worth.


Sometimes, a larger investment may prove cheaper in the long run when it comes to the use and operation of a system.

We will be happy to discuss the various options with you. 


Central heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas/water/plumbing, electrical engineering, burglar and fire alarms, camera surveillance, inspections; compliance with safe operational standards (NEN 3140), Legionella inspection & control and sewer testing, service, maintenance & management, sustainable; solar panels, heat pumps and LED.

TechniCo is a member of Delmeco Group: A group of technical companies that can join forces to serve our clients. Each with its own expertise and markets. For more information see our websites and

Director Richard Krijnsen

“What sets our services apart is our personal approach which is based on mutual trust. At TechniCo, there is a fine combination between an informal and commercial atmosphere that makes it fun for employees to work here and which makes it pleasant for clients to work with us. 



This applies to the internal organisation and collegiality, but also to the cooperation with our relations and clients. Sustainability is also part of the services we offer. We like to consult with you to find the best possible solution for all parties, whether you are a user or an owner, whilst making use of well-known technology that has proven its worth. Where possible, we seek to combine various fields of expertise in a smart way.”

TechniCo Installatietechniek

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