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A sense of security

A sense of security

We all like to feel comfortable and secure. Keeping an eye on your property in your home or office by means of long-distance camera surveillance. Or checking who is at the door from your living room. All of this is possible.

Protecting your belongings with an alarm system is also possible of course. Automatic reports to your mobile phone or email address? That too can be done.


Smart systems that help you, there is a whole range of applications, from automatic lighting that is switched on the moment you get out of bed to a ‘sweeping switch’ that turns of all lighting in one go. If you want to call for help quickly, this is possible by means of a manual transmitter or a weight-sensing floor mat that sends an alarm when you have fallen.


Want to receive a warning when there is a danger? We can use smoke detectors, which may or may not be connected to the alarm system. The same applies to water leakage: smart detectors will send a signal when a pipe is leaking.


Want to know whether your current installation is (still) working properly? We can check this for you by conducting a so-called NEN 3140 inspection for your electrical installation or a Legionella inspection.


It is easier to feel safe and secure when you know that your systems are still up-to-date and have been inspected. Maintenance and inspection are important to ensure that all systems are in optimum working order and that you can continue to use them.  

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