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C1000 shop renovation 1

C1000 Shop Renovation

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Project information

Project description:

We are regular work partners of C1000 Bouw Inrichting en Merchandise (BIM) (the building branch of supermarket C1000). We realise all technical installations for C1000 store new builds and renovations in the southwest region of the Netherlands. Together with other partners, such as a construction contractor, cooling installer, store interior constructor and completion coordinator we can realise a complete store in nine days!


For TechniCo this is the ultimate combination of Technology and Communication and that is everything we stand for! It is what our clients ask from us too, which is why we have now realised over 40 C1000 stores.


TechniCo realises the following installation parts for C1000 stores:

  • Sewers and grease collector;
  • Rainwater discharge system;
  • Drinking water installation and sanitary appliances;
  • Heating system and gas unit;
  • Ventilation and air treatment installation;
  • Air conditioning system;
  • Fire fighting system;
  • Electrical installation and store lighting;
  • Data and phone installation.

The right assortment combined with proper lighting and climate makes shopping at C1000 a great experience.

Client: C1000

C1000 Bouw Inrichting en Merchandise

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