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The Arendsslot

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Project information

Project description:

The Arendsslot is a castle with an irresistible charm and atmosphere. It may seem like it has been there for ages, but the opposite is true. Until 2009, you could find a bungalow from the seventies here. Under leadership of Marco and Hennie Bosman, it was replaced by a 21st century castle in no time. Beautiful 17th century stile elements are reproduced with new, modern and sustainable materials constructed by craftsmen.


TechniCo provided the following installations for Marco and Hennie Bosman:

  • Sewers and rain water discharges;
  • Cold and hot water piping;
  • Sanitary installation with nostalgic sanitary features;
  • Mechanical ventilation installations;
  • Heating system with floor heating and nostalgic radiators;
  • Cooling system wine cellar;
  • Electrical installation with domotica system;
  • Lighting system, partially realised with atmospheric LED lighting;
  • Data, phone, sound, camera installations.

A very beautiful building that is definitely worth a visit. On the website of the Arendsslot (in Dutch) you can find more info, also on how to make an appointment to let yourself or your friends be surprised.


Client: Marco en Hennie Bosman

Marco and Hennie Bosman’s assignment gave us another chance to prove ourselves and what we stand for. Technology combined with Communication = TechniCo.

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