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OOS International renovation 2

Renovation “Villa Welgelegen”

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Project information

Project description:

Offshore company OOS International is currently renovating the monumental ‘Villa Welgelegen’ in Serooskerke (Walcheren - the Netherlands).  OOS International will restore the stately building to its former glory.

De villa is situated in a rustic, park-like landscape which will remain open to the public. The park will also be restored. The villa from 1895 (with a floor space of 800m2) will become the head office of the offshore company.

The villa used to belong to the International Police Association (IPA) which left Serooskerke last year. The coach house is owned by the municipality, as is the park.

OOS will temporarily work from the coach house and will move to the villa after the renovation.

TechniCo Installatietechniek B.V. will install the complete electrical installation, amongst which the data installation and equipment for intrusion detection, fire and evacuation. 

Client: OOS International, Serooskerke

OOS International from Serooskerke closed a € 1,000,000,000 contract with Brazilian oil company Petrobras last year. For the next eight years, OOS International will support Petrobras with the renovation of thirty oil platforms.

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