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Community centre de Schutse 1

Community Centre De Schutse

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Project information

Project description:

The municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland, woningbouw vereniging Zeeuwland (housing association), Stichting Dorps- en Gemeenschapshuizen (community centre foundation), Kinderopvangorganisatie KOOS (childcare organisation) and bibliotheek Oosterschelde (library) commissioned a thorough renovation of community centre De Schutse.


The renovation encompassed moving the library, adding a childcare centre, adapting all toilet groups and giving the foyer a facelift. In close coordination with parties involved we realised the following:

  • All plumbing;
  • Sanitary fittings;
  • Renovating and adapting the heating system;
  • Mechanical ventilation;
  • Adapting the fire fighting system;
  • Adapting the electrical installation and lighting;
  • Adapting data and CAI installations;
  • Provisions for safety and fire alarm system.


Client: Fraanje Aannemingsbedrijf

Our assignment, as commissioned by Fraanje Aannemingsbedrijf gave us, once more, the chance to prove ourselves and what we stand for. Technology combined with Communication = TechniCo.

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