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MFC Breskens

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Project information

Project description:

Commissioned by housing association Woongoed Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, acting as the developer in close cooperation with the Municipality of Sluis, the building of a new Multifunctional Centre (MFC) was started in Breskens. The Municipality of Sluis’ policies are aimed at the preservation and improvement of the vitality of towns and villages, including Breskens. Realizing this project in Breskens is in line with this policy, whereby a modern and multifunctional accommodation is provided for two primary schools, a nursery, a crèche, sports clubs, a library, a community centre and a child health centre.   

Building work began in November 2013 and will most likely be completed by the end of 2014. 

During the development of this Multifunctional Centre, TechniCo will take care of the technical installations, such as:


  • Sewage system and rainwater discharge.
  • Drinking-water supply and sanitary facilities.
  • Fire-fighting installations.
  • Heating system and gas piping.
  • Ventilation and air treatment system.
  • Cooling systems and control systems.
  • Electrotechnical installation and lighting.
  • Communication and security systems.

Client: Building company Van der Poel BV

Building company Van der Poel BV is a developer and construction company from Terneuzen. They have commissioned TechniCo Goes to take care of the technical installations for this work.

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